Progress update on lots of cool stuff! :)

Hi everyone!

My follower count has more than doubled since the release of "Pitstop in Purgatory", so I thought you, dear followers both old and new, might be interested in an update. :)

Let's kick it off!

"Pitstop in Purgatory" - new and improved!

* A "Definitive Version" of PiP will release in early September as part of SuNoFes!
* Expect an additional 10k+ words, including a much requested route for The Guide!
* Lots of new CGs and other improvements that will kick the game up to a whole new level, including animated blinking!
* Voice acting - I'm currently going through 300+ auditions, which is crazy, but very cool!
* New music and other cool surprises!
* A walkthrough will be included in the new version for those who may need it!

"The Painting" - a small and emotional journey!

* A short visual novel which may or may not be related to PiP (hoho) will be released as part of O2A2 sometime next week!
* You should definitely play it, but prepare your napkins for shedding a tear or two!
* More info soon!

Other cool stuff!

* PiP will be part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest, putting it in front of lots of potential new players (I'm very excited and nervous about that)!

* The game will be out on Steam in October (you can wishlist it now) after Steam Next Fest ends!
* The Steam version will include achievements!
* The version will still be free, but if you want to support me, then picking up a Steam copy would be awesome, though not required of course!
* We just hit 500 followers on Twitter!

So, all in all...

Cool things are happening, and they wouldn't be if it weren't for you! I still can't believe all the lovely reviews, ratings, comments and everything else I've gotten, especially as such a new developer. It really means the world to me and the team

Thank you so much for playing the game, and always feel free to get in touch. 

I love hearing from y'all! :)

Have an awesome weekend! <3

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well you said on twitter that there was going to be a route for the guide but reading this again i'm HYPED again SDFGKSLDNFGKLSJGN LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO

LOL! :D Yes, let's goooooooooo!!!! <3


:3 I'm excited to see the new content and hearing the voice acting! I hope you get even more followers! Good luck with the rest of the development!


Thank you so much!! :) <3 I hope you'll enjoy the new stuff!