Guide and Walkthrough for Pitstop in Purgatory v. 1.1 (and beyond)

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Act 1 1. Talk to Smiling Shadow
2. Ask Smiling Shadow to help you find your room
3. Examine Dartboard
4. The answer is smile
5. Get the Skeleton Key
6. Examine Open Door
7. Use the Skeleton Key
8. Examine Framed Diploma, Bed and Books
9. Go to Ouroboros
10. Talk to Familiar Bartender
11. Ask The Guide about the drinking man and the strange thing that happened in your room
12. Talk to Locke
13. Talk to Smiley
14. Ask Smiley whether he stole something from Locke
15. Give Smiley the Skeleton Key
16. Get the Blank Coin
17. Give Locke the Blank Coin
18. Go back to Your Room
19. Examine ???
20. Use the Strange Bauble on ???
21. Examine Mirror
22. Use the Strange Bauble on Mirror
Act 21. Examine Cabinet
2. Search way back
3. Get the Modern Bourbon
4. Go to Ouroboros
5. Go to Waiting Hall
6. Talk to The Guide
7. Go to Wishing Well
8. Talk to Rahel
9. Give Rahel the Strange Bauble
10. Get the Circular Plate
11. Return to Ouroboros
12. Talk to Smiley
13. Tell Smiley that The Guide refuses to talk to you
14. Talk to Locke
15. Tell Locke that Smiley needs his coin back
16. Give Locke the Modern Bourbon
17. Talk to Ezrebeth
18. Return to Wishing Well
19. Examine Wishing Well
20. Throw the Circular Plate into the well
21. The password is Money. Moola. Macchiato.
22. Get the Fake Coin
23. Return to Ouroboros
24. Talk to Smiley
25. Ask Smiley about the coin
26. Give Smiley the Fake Coin
27. Get the "New Arrival" Sign
28. Return to Waiting Hall
29. Talk to The Guide
30. Show the "New Arrival" Sign to The Guide
31. Return to Your Room
Act 3 - Rahel Route1. Go to Ouroboros
2. Return to Ouroboros
3. Talk to Ezrebeth
4. Ask Ezrebeth to help you out
5. Return to Rahel's Room
6. Examine Small Drawers
7. Make a mess
8. Examine Large Drawer
9. Get the Strange Bauble
10. Return to Ouroboros
11. Talk to Ezrebeth
12. Tell Ezrebeth that you've brought her something
13. Give Ezrebeth the Strange Bauble
14. Get the Crucified Cuddly
15. Return to Rahel's Room
16. Talk to Rahel
17. Talk to Rahel again
18. Give Rahel the Crucified Cuddly
19. Return to Ouroboros (automatically)
20. Examine Rustic Candles
21. Use the Crucified Cuddly
22. Get the Symbol of Denial
23. Return to Rahel's Room
24. Talk to Rahel
25. Give Rahel the Symbol of Denial
Act 3 - Locke Route1. Go to Ouroboros
2. Return to Ouroboros
3. Go to Waiting Hall
4. Talk to Smiley
5. Return to Ouroboros
6. Talk to Ezrebeth
7. Ask Ezrebeth about any weird items lying around
8. Get the Broken Handgun
9. Return to Locke's Room
10. Talk to Locke
11. Give Locke the Broken Handgun
12. Return to Ouroboros (automatically)
13. Go to Wishing Well
14. Throw the Broken Handgun into the well
15. Get the Symbol of Grudge
16. Return to Locke's Room
17. Talk to Locke
18. Give Locke the Symbol of Grudge
Act 3 - Solo Route1. Go to Ouroboros
2. Return to Ouroboros
3. Talk to Smiley
4. The answer is O (letter, not number)
5. Talk to Ezrebeth
6. The answer is 6
7. Talk to Rahel
8. The answer is black
9. Go to Waiting Hall
10. Talk to Locke
11. The answer is wish
12. Return to Your Room
13. Talk to The Guide
14. The answer is guilt
Act 3 - The Guide Route1. Go to Ouroboros (you can do the following part in any character order)
2. Talk to Smiley
3. Choose "Was there ever a time when you didn't always smile?"
4. Choose "Real life... it was sad for you."
5. Choose "You're hiding something. I'm sure it's not that bad."
6. Use the Green Coin when prompted
7. Talk to Ezrebeth
8. Choose "Could you share a memory from when you were alive?"
9. Choose "You really hate me that much?"
10. Choose "Where does all that hate come from?"
11. Use the U-Shaped Thingy when prompted
12. Talk to Rahel
13. Choose "Could you share a memory from when you were alive?"
14. Choose "I'll gladly hear a memory, then!"
15. Choose "How about a memory of something rough?"
16. Use the Illusive Book when prompted
17. Go to Waiting Hall
18. Talk to Locke
19. Choose "It's nice to see you out of the bar."
20. Choose "You want a drink right now, don't you?"
21. Choose "Were you a heavy drinker in life too?"
22. Use the Last Breakfast when prompted
23. Return to Your Room
24. Talk to The Guide
25. Report back to The Guide about each character
26. Tell The Guide that you've talked to everyone
Epilogue1. Examine Bulletin Board
2. Examine Fireplace
3. Get the Rich Boy's Wallet
4. Leave for the Café
5. Try to Buy Something
6. Ask Remm for advice
7. Use the Rich Boy's Wallet at the counter

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