Progress update + Check out "The Painting", a PiP story!

Hi everyone!

We're working hard on all the new stuff for Pitstop in Purgatory, and here are some quick updates for you:

  • Hundreds of auditions came in for voice acting, and the casting is almost done! The castings will be announced one at a time throughout August. The most popular character for voice actors was The Guide (55% of auditions were for him), and the least popular was poor Rahel at 13% of auditions. :( Still, even at 13% that meant about 100 auditions, so there's a lot of talent to choose from! <3
  • The Guide's route is officially complete. The game is currently 41k words long, meaning that it's more than 10k words longer than the currently playable version. It's definitely different from what most people are probably expecting, but we're feeling good about it!
  • Next up is The Secret Route. The game might end up at 50k words in total...!
  • We're listening to the fans and want to add as many new features as possible to make the game as great as we can, which is why we're adding a custom mouse cursor and an in-game walkthrough among other things. Have other suggestions? Let us know!

Also, if you haven't checked out The Painting, our entry for this year's O2A2 Jam, then definitely do so as it's connected to Pitstop in Purgatory in an unexpected way. :)

Have a great rest of your day! <3

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Congrats on the progress, I'm looking forward to The Guide's route! I'm so curious and just want to know more, so at this point I'll legit take whatever hahaha
And Secret Route ∑(O_O;)?? You're spoiling us!


Aww, thank you! :) <3

That's reassuring, because this is some pretty "out there" stuff, but I think it's pretty cool lol.

Well, maybe just a bit... ;)