Version 1.2 Out Now + Important Announcement!

Hey everybody!

Version 1.2 of Pitstop in Purgatory is now available, which is also the version that will be for sale on Steam. It's a minor update compared to the last one, but a necessary one nonetheless!


  • Fixed some typos.
  • Added achievements to the game (Steam only), as well as a Sync Achievements option that players can use to instantly unlock any achievements they qualify for if they get the game on Steam.

And now, an announcement.

PiP is approaching 4000 downloads and it's been one of the coolest experiences of my life that so many have decided to give my little story a try. I've been showered in lovely comments and high ratings, and can only say thank you so much for playing, and for letting me know what you liked and didn't like (which is super helpful going forward).

I'd like to continue making games, but I am a solo developer, without any monetary backing of any sort. That being said, I could never make my games without my amazing team, but I'm the one who pays them, and I'm also the one who pays for everything else. I work a full-time job and as such this is primarily a hobby for me. However, I'd love for it to maybe be more than that some day, or at the very least for my production values to increase even further, and for that to happen I'm going to need more capital, which is an unfortunate reality of the business. 

To that end, PiP will no longer be free after September ends. It will sell for the same price here as on Steam, which is $4.99/€3.99. 

As with Steam, there will be a free demo available for new players to try out before taking the plunge.

I never would have dared to put a price tag on my work were it not for the fact that so many of you have enjoyed it. You've given me the confidence to say that maybe all our hard work is worth something, which is a great feeling to have, even though it also worries me a bit because I do want as many as possible to be able to play my games.

So in other words, if you're interested in downloading the game and haven't done so yet, then feel free to do so now so that it won't cost you anything. If you've already played it and want to support my future work, feel free to donate either here or on Ko-Fi. In whichever case, I'm truly thankful to you for playing.

Any side projects in the world of Purgatory (including The Painting and a lot of upcoming stuff I've got planned) will still be free. Only the mainline Purgatoryverse titles will be paid (and yes, I did write titles... hehe). :)

Thank you so much for all the support, it means the world!


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Sep 25, 2022

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Purgatoryverse 🤩🤩🤩


👀👀👀 haha 😁


Congrats!!! Great work, I'm excited to see what's to come! :D

Thank you so much! :) <3