The Living Devlog

Welcome to The Living Devlog (TM)!

In this regularly updated log entry you'll find the following:

  • What part(s) of the game we're currently working on
  • What you can expect from the next game update
  • What we're currently expecting the features of the finished game to be

Last updated: April 7th, 2024

We're currently working on Version 0.3, which will include:

  • The next act of main story content
  • A new route
  • New characters, BGs and CGs

Patrons of Dweller tier or above will get access to it one week earlier than everyone else once it's ready.

  • A prologue, 4 story acts and an epilogue
  • 9 character routes
  • 9 side stories
  • Achievements
  • Individual character music themes
  • Voice acting
  • Animated opening
  • Animated world map effects
  • And more...

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I played this game a few days ago, I've been checking this ever since. I've never really followed along for updates in a game ever, and I play plenty of games, so HOLY SHIT, THIS IS AMAZING! I cried at the stupidest things, and laughed at every little silly thing. I've never been so invested in such an incredible game like this before. keep up the amazing work!

(P.S: PleaseletmebewithTheGuide)

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Oh man! Reading comments like these really makes all the hard work worth it! I'm very happy to hear that you're enjoying the game so much! :) And you've joined at a great time because a huge update is just around the corner! <3

(Also, feel free to join our Discord if you want to hang out with other big fans of the games!) :)