Version 0.2 RELEASE DATE (Free Major Content Update)

Rise and shine, Dwellers!

Long have you waited, and your patience is about to pay off... behold!

That's right, everyone! 

0.2 is going to hit you like a Guide-shaped brick in little more than a week, Sunday April 7, and if you're a Patron of Dweller tier ($5) and above... it's out in just two days!

Me and the team can't wait to share this massive content update with you, and if the impressions from our playtesters are to be believed (which they are, of course) then this is truly something that brings the current state of the game to the next level of Purgatory-based awesomeness.

If you want the full scoop on what to expect, look no further than the extensive list of additions, changes and improvements below!

Full patch notes:


  • Added the PurgaPhone app! This will be given to you early in the game and will allow you to text with the other characters. There are currently over 50 conversations to unlock. IMPORTANT: If you're a returning player, you must replay the game from the beginning due to this new feature, or else the  game will not function properly!
  • Added one new route (Apechs) and three new side stories (Lil' Smiles, Roderick, Desdemonya) for a total of 32k+ new words.
  • Added 2 new BGs.
  • Added 3 new CGs.
  • Added 1 new music track.
  • Added a Music Room in Gallery where you can listen to unlocked songs.
  • Added Isobel's Heirloom Collection. This can be found in the corner of Isobel's room. Gifts you earn from doing side stories will be displayed in here, and you can also interact with them.
  • You can now sleep in Isobel's bed at night... and who knows what will happen if you do?
  • Reworked and expanded upon the Dang You're Dead pamphlet. You will now be able to find more information in there (which also changes based on Isobel's alignment), and you can unlock hidden bonus facts about the characters who have routes.
  • Added 8 new pamphlet entries.
  • Reworked the quest log. It now features more categories and is easier to navigate.
  • Added new interactions and scenes to Bliss's route, as well as a special hidden moment you can view somewhere in Purgatory after his route is finished.
  • Added new interactions with The Voice after a certain main story quest, to reflect the current state between Isobel and The Voice at that point in time.
  • The main menu is now animated!
  • Added an edited version of the track The Weight of the World which plays at a certain point in the main story.
  • Added the option to reset game data in Options. This will permanently remove all your pamphlet, gallery, music room and achievement progress. Useful for "fresh runs". :)
  • Added 10 unlockable achievements.


  • Fixed a bug where Bliss and Sheol would appear in Isobel's room when they shouldn't be there.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would advance Apechs's "gifts for the Deities" main story quest when it wasn't completed yet.
  • The personal links to each devteam member (as found in Credits) now work as intended.
  • Adjusted some sound effect volumes.


  • Paragon and Renegade choices are now properly highlighted when you select them.
  • Added the Android side menu option of opening the menu to the desktop build as well (i.e. you can now open the menu by using the mouse in addition to the Esc key).
  • The social media buttons of the main menu have been condensed, and now also features a button which takes you to our carrd.
  • All buttons (quick menu etc) in the Android version now have a wider area of detection, and should be easier to interact with for mobile players.
  • Fixed various typos and minor plot inconsistencies.

Other Changes

  • Neutral alignment (Abstract) has been removed. This is because it was by far the least popular, and ultimately we decided that it would bring more to the game to instead expand upon the differences between the Paragon/Renegade alignments instead of continuing with Abstract. Remm's opening quiz has also been modified to accommodate this. RIP Abbybel. :(

See you back in Purgatory very soon...!

All the love,


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CANT WAIT TO KISS MY HUSBAND (blisstopher Lennon Alwes ((again))) IN SWEET SWEET HD (the game graphics have not changed) !!!