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Ezrebeth is an old, bitter recluse who finds herself constantly invaded by her relatives during the winter holidays. Oh, and she's stuck in a time loop. That's where you come in. Investigate, interview and cross-reference as you attempt to figure out what's going on before the shadow outside your window becomes too antsy...

 18k+ words of family drama, light horror, witty puns and deep, resonating themes!
 4 different characters to interview and/or interrogate as you uncover the truth behind the time loop!
 Several pieces of beautiful and unique artwork, all drawn by hand!
 Lots of easter eggs and extra in-universe lore for fans of Pitstop in Purgatory (no need to play that before this, though)!
 Mindfudgery! And lots of it!

 Writing and programming: Tymedust
 Artwork and visual design: Alcinus
 GUI and user interface: Skolaztika 
 Music: CrowanderDaniel Birch
 Credits theme song: Derek Clegg
 Sound effects: ZapSplat

Made in one month as part of Winter Visual Novel Jam 2022.

This story is canonical to the events of Pitstop in Purgatory, but you do not need to play that first in order to enjoy this.

Dedicated to the memory of Sven Johan Borgelind (1945-2022).


ezrebeth-1.0-pc.zip 191 MB
Dec 31, 2022
ezrebeth-1.0-mac.zip 176 MB
Dec 31, 2022

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