Tymedust Games

Astrid wakes up in Purgatory and has to make peace with her death. Only problem is... she doesn't remember anything!
Visual Novel
An old, bitter recluse finds herself stuck in a mysterious time loop during the winter holidays.
Visual Novel
A grieving father relives memories of days long gone.
Visual Novel
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Isola Bedford is a witty, troubled, video game addicted and foul-mouthed girl. This is a day in her life.
Visual Novel
Relive a fascinating part of Sweden's history as you strive to accurately recreate the events of the past.
Visual Novel
Solve an engaging paranormal mystery in Riva City as you navigate an intricate story heavy on player choice.
Visual Novel

The Purgatoryverse

Games that all belong in the Purgatoryverse, a shared world for Pitstop in Purgatory and its related titles.

One-Shot Stories

Games that are short and self-contained.


Games that are no longer being worked on, but remain for posterity nonetheless.