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The young actress Astrid Braid wakes up in Purgatory and has to make peace with her death. Only problem is... she doesn't remember anything! Follow her misadventures in the afterlife through three distinct routes as you make friends, find love and solve the mystery of our heroine's untimely demise.

 30000+ words across three routes, each with unique endings
 Gameplay mixing inventory based puzzles with dialogue trees and visual novel storytelling
 A charming, funny, dramatic and sad narrative that will leave you both laughing and crying
 Characters, backgrounds, special scenes and inventory items all drawn in a beautiful and unique style
 40+ unlockable items, including database entries and gallery images
 Original music by popular YouTube artist Endigo

Made in two months as part of Otome Jam 2022.

 Writing, programming and music: Tymedust
 Artwork and visual design: Alcinus
 GUI and user interface: Skolaztika 
 Additional music: EndigoJhove
 Sound effects: ZapSplat


pitstop_in_purgatory-1.0-pc.zip 195 MB
Jun 30, 2022
pitstop_in_purgatory-1.0-mac.zip 161 MB
Jun 30, 2022

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