A quick look back on my first year of game development!


About a year ago today, I started developing games. I came at it with absolutely zero programming skills, and while visual novels might be among the easiest things to code overall (or so I'm told), it's still been a daunting journey for someone as inexperienced as me!

Something I wanted to do early on was to include point and click elements in my stories, and I'm really happy that I've managed to successfully incorporate that (with some outstanding help from my GUI/UI designer Skolaztika). The reason why the exploration elements in my older games are less engaging is simply because I didn't know how to code it better back then lol.

So, one year in... here are some milestones and statistics:

  • 4 games made in 3 different graphical styles for 4 different Jams.

In chronological order: The Skirmish at Bender for Historically Accurate Game Jam 5, A Day in the Life for NaNoRenO 2022, Pitstop in Purgatory for Otome Jam 2022 and The Painting for O2A2 2022.

  • ...With one award received for ranking #3 in Historically Accurate Game Jam 5!
  • Thanks to those releases, I've reached 210 followers as of writing this.
  • My games have been covered by at least 3 online publications and played by at least 5 different streamers (might be more that I haven't seen).
  • I've also discontinued a game... RIP Meanwhile in Riva, and thank you for everything I learned while developing you!
  • I marked off a huge box on the bucket list by making my debut on Steam - I can't wait for Pitstop in Purgatory to be part of Steam Next Fest in October!

On itch.io, my games have been...

  • ...viewed 14 800+ times!
  • ...downloaded or played in browser 3263 times!
  • ...added to 973 collections!
  • ...rated 5 stars by 63 players!

Now, online numbers are a fickle thing. I've been in the entertainment business for a long time, originally as a musician, so I know how addictive it can get to watch numbers soar, and how disheartening it is to see them falter. It's a rollercoaster people, not a straight line, although all of us creatives wish it would be.

Just today I learned that the top game in O2A2 has 20k plays in total (!), more than 6 times my total number across all games. I pour my heart and soul into my games (as I'm sure most developers do, I'm not saying the popularity isn't earned!), so it can feel like a punch in the gut when you hear about the outstanding success of others doing the same thing you do.

But honestly, that doesn't matter in the least. I'm not posting these numbers to affirm self-worth; I'm sure to a lot of developers they are extremely modest, while there are others who'd love to have them. That's how it always is. The only thing that matters is to ask yourself, as a good friend of mine recently put it, would I still be doing this if 0 people played my games?

And the answer is of course, yes! 

I'm having so much fun realizing the weird stuff that's going on in my head, and it's been a privilege and joy to become part of the VN community, work with talented creators and have people from all around the world play my games.

First and foremost, I tell stories I'd like to experience myself, but I'm extremely grateful for all those who enjoy them along with me. :)

So here's to another year of learning even more, all while hopefully spreading my lil' mind creations to more and more people who might like what I do!

Thanks for all the support! :) <3



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Congratulations on your 1 year into game development and everything you achieved so far (it's still kind of wild to me that you've been doing this for only 1 year).
Keep enjoying the journey and the process of making the games you love!

We all dream of sharing our stories and seeing them loved by as many people as possible, and in itself it's a great thing if it gives us the drive to improve and keep making better games. But as you said, numbers are a fickle thing and they only hold the worth we want to give them. We are all moving forward at our own pace, and it's perfectly ok!

That's our privilege as indie devs, that we get to create something which is, first and foremost, purely for our own enjoyment ❤


Thank you so much, and I can only agree 100%! :) <3


You've made a lot of progress, it inspires me to keep it up with my plans for the year, as well. Congratulations! You totally deserve it! :D


Thank you so much! <3 It's an honor to be an inspiration!! 

Best of luck to you on your plans this year! :) 


Congratulations on your achievements!

I’m in your team! I put my heart and soul on my O2A2 entry, and I would do it again although I hasn’t any views.

Again, congrats!!

Aww, thank you! :) <3

That's the right way to go at it, I think!

Your entry was really cool by the way, I enjoyed the crazy effects and intensity of the Unknown character. :)


Thank you!!

I put a lot of love on the game. Although I dropped efforts in marketing because I delivered the game and go away on vacations hahah.


ahh!!!!! i'm happy you got so far, and hope you get even farther!!!!!

i'm actually surprised you've been here for just one year. i mean, your games have such high quality????? it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!

also i felt the "I'm having so much fun realizing the weird stuff that's going on in my head" lmao (hope ur okay tho)

but yeah. it's nice to reminisce your journey. it's part of celebrating it. :')

Thank you so much! I'm flattered by your nice words! <3

And I totally agree that it's important to look back from time to time. ^^