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Enter the Ice Queen

Isola Bedford is a witty, troubled, video game addicted and foul-mouthed girl in a not-so-normal city called Riva. One month after something unspecified happened, she's yet to return to Riva High School where she attends her second year. With no other options available, Isola's parents make her see a therapist. What unfolds from there is a memorable one day trip through a mind that's hard to grasp, and harder still to pin down.


* 12000+ words, about an hour to beat
 * Intensity system - manage Isola's mood through pivotal choices, altering character interactions and story events
* Multiple endings
* Smooth and beautiful Lofi Hip-Hop soundtrack

Made in one month as part of NaNoRenO 2022.


* Writing, programming and music: Andreas "Tymedust" Borgelind
* Artwork: Carrot Patch Games
* GUI and visual design: Skolaztika

* Additional artwork: Fausto García-Menéndez
* Additional music: Apol, Hoffy Beats, lost:tree
* Sound effects: ZapSplat, imthemap, mikaelfernstrom

* Game trailer: UndeadLover


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Ahaha, I liked it✨

The game reminds me of how I deal with stress, so I played through it without difficulty.

But the dinosaur moment... Hehehehe, I knew what I was doing ✨

And so, the story is interesting, I knew that there had to be something dramatic somewhere, and I guessed right.  I like humor (or am I that easy?), and I would like to know what's next.

Good luck with your games🦊✨

(I'm already making jokes about Isola and Titus and the fact that Meri loves ladybugs. And perhaps a fan of Ladybug and Cat Noir.) 

(Hi Carrot, that was fun hehehe✨) 

Hi and thank you very much!! I’m happy you enjoyed it :) it was very fun to do a game together with Carrot <3


mobile browser, after the opening logos: error screen.

(2 edits)

Yeah, unfortunately recent updates for several browsers have made it so you can't play Ren'Py games directly on screen anymore. It *does* work with Firefox though, if you want to try that later on (or you could also download it).

Thanks! :)



computer is busted. dont have the money for parts or repairs atm.

Aww, sorry to hear that. :( Hopefully the browsers or Ren'Py itself fixes the issue soon!


You can download Firefox on mobile too (or Android at least), it worked fine for me


Ohh, I had no idea! Thanks for that input. :)


hmmm I'll investigate. cheers.


okok i just played this and GODDAMIT IT'S SO GOOD. it was a very interesting experience, nice pacing, great story, the assets are cool, the GUI is beautiful and i loved the (calm?) ending. i'm definitely going to play meanwhile in riva after this. good job.

Thank you so much!! :) Happy that you enjoyed it. <3 I really appreciate all your kind words!

Ohh, enjoy Riva too, then! :) It's a bit rough around the edges and unfinished, but I'm really proud of the characters hehe.


The art style (unique for VNs, especially on itch!) is what got me to stop and take a second look, but the writing kept me playing all the way to the end... even when I was supposed to only spend a few minutes previewing it. XD

Seriously, well done. As someone who has experienced brief instances of derealization before (but not for a long time now, thankfully), I wasn't triggered, but I was impressed with the nuances of this story—especially considering it was made in just a month.

I even gave it a shout-out in my annual NaNoRenO spotlight post this year—here's the link if you'd like to check it out! 

In any case, congrats on completing NaNo, and with such a cool entry at that. :)

Wow! I'm super flattered and happy that the story resonated with you, and honored to be a part of your spotlight post among so many other great games. :) Thank you so, so much! <3 <3 <3


Super good story! Definitely take caution before playing if you struggle with derealization like I do. Theres a section where words arent real words and dont make sense, and idk, for me it was a bit triggering. Regardless, i really loved the story and plot!

Thank you so much, I'm very happy that you enjoyed it! :) Thanks also for letting me know how you reacted to that part, that's good for me to know so I can issue proper trigger warnings for similar things in the future.

Have a great day! <3


keep it up!! Im excited to see what you make in the future! Will be checking out Meanwhile in Riva soon! :)

Woohoo! 🔥❤️🔥 Working on a new demo for that now, should be out in a not-too-distant future! 😅🙏🏻