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A strange room.

A mysterious man.

Why are you here?

Let Him be your Guide.

 <1,000 words (10-15 minutes of playtime)!
 Fully voiced!
 1 animated Guide + 1 interactive background!
 5 endings!
 Nameable protagonist!

 Writing and programming: Tymedust
 Artwork and visual design: Alcinus
 GUI and user interface: Skolaztika
 Voice actor: Jesse Pinnick
 Music: Blue Dot Sessions
 Sound effect: ZapSplat

This game was made for the O2A2 VN Jam 2023, a micro Visual Novel jam with strict asset limitations and a 1000 word limit.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(214 total ratings)
AuthorTymedust Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAmare, Fantasy, Horror, Indie, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Otome, Romance, Short, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hi! Sorry, couldn't find the info, is the protag GN or a girl?


Hello! Protag can be either GN or a girl, depending on your own interpretation. :)


I hate that man so much but at the same damn time I love him. 10/10, best game if your into visual novels.

Thank you so much for the generous rating! :) Very happy that you enjoyed the game! <3



Hi! :D You get ending 1-3 automatically by completing the story and ending 4/5 depends on your final choice. Hope this helps! <3


I hate this man with every fiber of my being. 10/10. Would play again.




I love love LOVE when visual novels have voice acting!!1!11!!!! ALSO, my nickname since I was a child has been pumpkin, AND my hair is dyed orange, so when he called me "miss pumpkin" I freaked out a little lol


Hi there! :D I'm happy that you enjoyed the game! <3 And LOL that's a funny coincidence, hope it didn't spook you too much! XD 


nah, but it def added to it haha, 10/10 game !!!!




The drawing looks fantastic!! Thanks for this game, will there be a translation into Russian?


Thank you very much! :) We don't have any plans for translating it into any other language right now, unfortunately. <3


LOVE THIS GAMEEEEE!!!!!the character dubbing is GREAT!<3

(1 edit)

Thank you so much!! :D <3 Glad you enjoyed it!


uwaa !!! this is my second time playing, and its such a GREAT play! i do need to ask though, before i start drawing, is the main protag in any of the actual purgaverse games (aka named and all besides miss pumpkin) or are they game exclusive?

Thank you so much! :D <3

I think the best and most spoiler-free way to answer that question is that all my games are canonical and they are all connected somehow... in what way exactly remains to be seen, though! ;)


i love the game so muchhh its perfect 

also i love the chracter its so good got me the idea to start writing a book about manipulators c:

Awwwww thank you so much!! :)

So happy you enjoyed it!! <3 And that sounds like such a fun idea for a book too!


yeah also do you have a color pallete for the chracter  ? i just love the colors scheme and everything

Sorry for the late reply! This is what my artist said in response to your question:

"i dont generally use any pre-established color palettes, though for mr. guide his hair color is so specific i sometimes have to reach for the good ol' color picker tool of his initial sprite. besides that i just usually pick warm desaturated colors, + his hair color is so specific because it reminds me of many media's respective komaedas, lol. i feel like the moment a character has that grey-green-ish tint to their hair you can tell they are NOT normal"

its okay + i knew what the colors are so thank you <3


Short and REALLY INTERESTING! I loved the mechanic of continuing the game from the title after every time you faint. Also the Guide is kindaaaaa..... *twirls hair and kicks feet*.  XD

Aww thank you!! I'm very happy you enjoyed the game and Guide! :D <3


He kinda cute ngl, id let him do whatever he wants


LMAO such a W comment ngl <3

Thanks for playing!!


lmao dw, honestly your games are perfectt keep it up! I would support more if i could bestie


Oh, how this little bastard reminds me of Johan Liebert... and how I want to share his vision, despite being so manipulative, cunning and completely out of context. I really need some insight on him now.


Ohhh I love Johan Liebert and Monster, one of my favorite shows!! I never considered a similarity between them but you may be on to something! lol

Thanks for playing! <3


Now I have to play the other games too since I want to know more about the guide. 👀

Aww!! Thank you so much for playing. :) Hope you'll enjoy the other games (and further Guide knowledge) as well! :D <3


I immediately downloaded them, I just need time. 🙈 

But I'm pretty sure I will enjoy them. 😊

(1 edit) (+1)

I guess Im a lady now

It’s magic! :D

(1 edit) (+2)

I initially played because heehee he has eyebags but BRO??? I now have to go through the other games to find out more about this wretched little man. 10/10 wonderful indoctrination technique, I have to applaud you 👏👏👏


Here at Tymedust Games the motto is "come for the eyebags, stay for the indoctrination" LOL

But seriously, I'm very happy that you enjoyed the game enough to continue to the other ones! Hope you'll have fun exploring my silly lil' stories lmao :D <3


10000/10 sublime,pero seria hermoso que estuviera en español, además de darme felicidad lograrias ir a un publico hispanohablante jeje



YES!! :D He's in Pitstop in Purgatory, Poetry in Purgatory and this one! So three games total (so far) heh heh <3


0/10 no kiss kiss mwa mwa from the guide

LMAO oops... well maybe something like that will happen one day in Poetry in Purgatory... who knows ;) <3


Literally begging on my knees, Yolandi and Maxymelian style man. My entire life would be made, no joke, I luv that man so bad, probably very toxic of me ;D

LOL I love this comment ;___;  haha, well, if it's any consolation you aren't alone in feeling that way! He does have a certain "quality" about him somehow, doesn't he...?! Who knows what the future might hold... :D




Good Game!

Aww, thank you for playing! I’m glad you liked it! :)


wake up new husbando just dropped

(In all seriousness, I loved this game! I love psychological horror, and this was done very well.)

Thank you so much!! :) I'm happy you enjoyed it! <3


You're very welcome! :)


i swear if you dont make a game about him, im gonna start crying.

(i want you to reply to me)


AWW don't cry ;___; (I'm happy you like him that much!!)

If you want to see more of The Guide, he also has a big role in two of my other games! :)

Pitstop in Purgatory (costs $4.99) and Poetry in Purgatory (downloadable for free)! :D <3




I’M SORRY ;___;

(heh heh) <3




Oh he is SUCH smug bastard I had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing this game. Dialogue and character voice are so so SO good. The mechanics of the game itself are simple but because of how much I enjoyed listening to him speak I would always click to go back in immediately. Sucks you in. Please play this game I really recommend it

Aww thank you very much!! <3 Happy to hear that you enjoyed the game and the Smug Guide that much (heh heh)! That means a lot to me!! :) <3


Are we astrid here? And when is the continue of poetry in purgatory coming? These games are so addicting!

Hi! :D I can't answer that unfortunately since I want to leave it up to interpretation, but it *may* be her, and it *may* be someone else entirely... heh heh!

Thank you so much!! Reading that really made my day, I'm very proud that you'd consider my work addicting ;_; thank you for sharing that! <3 <3 <3 We're always working hard on more stuff and hopefully a major update will arrive at least before October ends. :)


Hi I love the guide so much! Will be a part 2 soon? Would u mind to reveal his birthday, age, real name and mbti? Bc I am really interested about him really. Thanks for creating this VN for us and I love his voice over too! Luckily it's voice over! Can u make the full voice over all the characters in Poetry in Purgatory too? That would be awesome if u can do that! <3

Hello!! I'm happy you liked the game (and The Guide!) :D <3

I don't have a Part 2 planned right now but you can see a lot more of him in the other Purgatoryverse games, but who knows he might get another story of his own some day. :)

I can't reveal his real name, birthday or age as those things haven't been revealed (yet) in the main game (Poetry in Purgatory) so it would be spoilers buuut... one day I'll let the world know LOL. As for mbti, I really need to sit down with my characters and sort that out, I've been lazy LOL but it's coming!! :D

And finally ah yes, I would *love* to have full voice in all my games but unfortunately it costs quite a bit of money, it's easier in a short game like this because it's much cheaper LOL. But there will definitely be at least some voice acting when the game gets closer to being done, but probably not full. 

Thank you for playing and for leaving a comment! <3 <3 <3


Whyd you have to make him so fucking cute, instead of actually reading the thing im just thinking of him

OOPS... hehehe <3 <3 <3

(Thanks for playing!!)


I played the game and.
please, please let me marry the guide or someone who created them I can't do this anymore..........gorgeous work! (╥ᆺ╥;)


WOOOO I’m so happy you enjoyed it!! Of course, The Guide is all yours (if you can manage to tie him down somehow)… HEH HEH :D 

Thank you for playing and for leaving such a fun and sweet comment!! <3 :)

(1 edit) (+1)


AWW that's so sweet!! ;___; So happy that you enjoyed it that much, thank you!!! AHHH yes that would be great, maybe it will get there one day?! LOL!! Thanks for playing the game and for leaving this lovely comment <3 <3 <3 


THE LOADING SCREEN IS SO CUTE!! PHENOMENAL VOICE ACTING! AHHH I LOVE THE MUSIC I WANT TO PLAY IT ON LOOP !  Really love the ending system!! THE SPRITE IS SO PRETTY I COULD GET LOST IN THE DETAILS!!! I love the way Alcinus renders hair and skin!!  Love the way the textbox looks like a ticket!! What does ending d mean :0  WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!

AGHHH thank you so much ;___; <3 Me and the team appreciate it very much!! So happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing and for leaving this awesome comment!! <3 <3 <3

(and what does it mean indeed?! LOL)


This is such a cool game! I played it and very much enjoyed the whole- albeit short- experience! The Guide is such a cutie and is such a cool character to me, even though he's kind of a jerk... The voice acting was great and it definitely suited The Guide's character and his personality. I really liked how the storyline progressed even after getting endings, like that current playthrough hadn't ended in the first place. It did catch me off guard when he said "Miss Pumpkin" that second time starting the game, but it was such a good way to tie in endings and each story element of the player's story! The choices at the end were so cool too, I had no problem playing through again just to get both! This is such a fun short game, I'm glad I found and played it!

Thank you very much!! :) <3 I'm super happy you enjoyed the game and that you found it to be worth your time!! :) Thank you for playing and for leaving this sweet comment <3 <3 <3


So cleverly done and well-executed. It has such a holistic look-and-feel. The art, interface, and everything mesh so well. (Would have liked if you could actually choose the order you looked at things in.)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! :) <3

Fun fact, I thought about doing it that way originally (like each object would turn into a sequence and then the plane would be the final one to be chosen after the other three had been picked in any order), but in the end I opted for intensifying the whole powerlessness of the gameplay so here we are LOL. XD

However, if you enjoy VNs where you can point and click stuff in any order, I can recommend my other games in which that type of gameplay is a much bigger and interactive part of the proceedings than here. :)

Thanks for playing and leaving such a sweet comment! <3 <3 <3

(1 edit) (+1)

Epic game, this was the first Tymedust game I played. I'm so glad it was one of the games I  randomly decided to play, as I now have a new studio to follow. Excellent execution of a point'n'click game, and I loved how the details of "Miss Pumpkin"'s past slowly unfolded! Admittedly the voice acting kinda made me jump at first, as it brushed over my head when I read the features. Definitely glad it was there though, quality voice acting if I've ever seen it! It seems The Guide is a character in another one of your games, but I'll see once I figure out how to download games XD

Thank you once again, and keep up the good work!

(Edit, apologies for me saying 'game' a ridiculous amount of times, couldn't think of a synonym that would fit.)

Hi! :D AWW this is such a lovely comment, I appreciate it so much ;_; And don't worry about using the same word too much, I do it all the time LOL, absolutely nothing wrong with that! <3

I'm sooo glad to hear that you enjoyed the game that much and that you want to play more of our games, that's honestly such a great feeling!! ;_; <3 And good news, if you enjoyed the point and clicking there's lots more of it in the other games (and The Guide is indeed a major character in most stories!). 

Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a sweet little message! And enjoy the rest of the games, feel free to let me know what you thought of them when or if you get to try them out! :) <3

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes, I'll definitely be leaving comments when I play the others!! It lets people know how great games are and why they should play them :)

One question though, is there a certain order the purgatory games need to be played in? 

*Edit, for anyone who's reading this, the order is: Pitstop in Purgatory, Poetry in Purgatory and Ezrebeth (a Holiday Mindfudge) -there's also The Painting with a character from Poetry in Purgatory. I won't say her name as it's spoilers for The Painting. Maybe the universes are connected? Anyway, the games don't need to be played in that order but you get the best experience if you do :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Wonderful, thank you! :) <3

There's some debate in the Discord among fans which order is the best, but as a developer I've always made it a priority to make sure that you can actually jump in anywhere. Your perspective will be different, but they're all possible starting points (and they're all connected and in the same universe).

As the creator, I'd probably recommend playing them in the order they were made, which is:

Pitstop in Purgatory > The Painting > Ezrebeth (A Holiday Mindfudge) > Poetry in Purgatory > Guidelicious

But there are people who say that The Painting is better to start with, and even a couple who started with Ezrebeth and found that to be a cool way to be introduced. 

And of course, Poetry is Pitstop's sequel, but since it's standalone you can also start there and that will make Pitstop sort of an origin story for you instead.

So any way you want it is fine, basically! :) <3


Thanks! I'll just do it randomly then, sorry for just assuming that order, but ye :>>


This was absolutely EXCELLENT! I'll start off with the POLISH. This game is INCREDIBLY polished, from the excellent writing (so much character in each of the Guide's lines) to the gorgeous UI (really can't say enough about this, it's so beautiful and stylistic!) to the STELLAR VA (Jesse really brought the dialogue to LIFE). I don't really see the use of mouth animations too much in VNs, but I thought it looked very good and added a lot to the dynamicism of the scene, especially when combined with the VA!

The art really is fantastic, I love the muted color palettes and the painterly style. It really sets such an oddly mundane, yet somewhat unsettling atmosphere for Purgatory! I also like how eerily empty the office looks, contributing to a sense of unease even though you're having a pretty casual conversation (with a very charming man - even if he is more than a bit condescending...) The Guide's faces were all so expressive (his threatening expression was FRIGHTENING, and his exasperated expression was a bit anger-inducing...)


I enjoyed how the mystery slowly unfolded over each of the different endings, as we learned more and more about "our" past life (culminating in quite the electrifying climax...) The gameplay was also very cleverly set up, in my opinion! The entire game plays out linearly for the most part, where the player is given "choices," and yet none of those choices matter. Each dialogue option leads to the same result. The Guide insists on calling you the same nickname regardless of what name you choose for yourself. In the point and click sections, there's only one option that is actually clickable at a time - only one choice (which added to the irony when the Guide then berates you for being predictable/cliche LOL). All of these factors really make your final choice - the only choice that ACTUALLY matters - much more impactful, and I thought it was really great design!

Overall, FANTASTIC job, tyme! Your games are SO impressive, I can't wait to tackle your other entries in the Purgatoryverse!


ARGH I am flabbergasted and overjoyed that you enjoyed it that much ;____; you’re so sweet and kind to say all these wonderful words which mean the world to both me and the team!!! Ahhhh thank you thank you thank you! For playing, enjoying and leaving such a heartfelt and lovely comment ;___; <3 <3 <3

And also OHHH if you ever play the other games I hope you’ll enjoy them as well and I would love to hear your thoughts on them :D <3


giggling kicking my feet up the air the guide was my biggest crush in pitstop in purgatory and i have been waiting for him for so long I'M SO HAPPY THIS DROPPED THIS IS HOLY GRAIL THANK U (i didn't see sooner bcs of goofy ahh college)

ANYWAY im still on ending A and will explor other endings i just wanted to express how much i simp for the guide here in the comments especially when he said good girl WHA- IM SHOCKED I THREW MY HANDS ON MY FACE AND BLUSHED THAT CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD. i can't stop smiling blushing and giggling thank you for this wonderful gift you have given to us and kudos to the team for beautiful storyline and fine af love interests i look up to u tymedust games yall literally inspire me thank you for existing keep making


Ahhhh LOL this is such a great comment ;___; so cool to hear that you like Guide and our games so much! It’s an honor to inspire you!! You are AWESOME and enjoy the rest of Guidelicious when you have time to finish it! :) <3 Thank you for playing, supporting and commenting!! <3 <3 <3


Well, I thought I'd love it, and I was right :P I love everything about it, haha.

 The story was intriguing and kept me hanging on every word until the very end, the art is gorgeous (I always get excited to see animated sprites x3), and voice acting is always sure to put a massive smile on my face (as do all sorts of darker characters, hehe.) Oh, and gotta love what you went for with the 1 SFX xD When that came in, I was just sat there nodding my head thinking, yep, if you're restricted to one sound, that's the sorta thing you wanna use to really make an impact :D

I feel like I don't really have the words to properly explain how much I enjoyed it! Also, really loving your animated logo btw! It's absolutely fabulous ^-^


Awwww!!! You’re so sweet ;___; I’m very glad to hear that you liked it and aghhhh I appreciate it so much! Yesss ah using the one SFX creatively is always an interesting challenge LOL, I’m happy that you found it to be impactful!! It worked as intended then *phew* XD

Thank you so much for playing the game (especially considering the vastness of your backlog) and for leaving this absolutely lovely comment! <3 <3 <3


Well, so are you :P Besides, you deserve maximum appreciation for your awesomeness ^-^ I was gonna make an awful pun about the SFX, but I deleted it cos I thought maybe it could potentially be considered a spoiler, haha. Probably not, more likely it would only have made sense to people who have already played it, but still, better to be safe x3

But yeah, definitely had me sat up straight in my seat, haha. It’s like I almost knew it was coming but not quite, and then when it actually went there, I was like, daaaaamn, we did actually just go there xD I believe I had to take a brief moment before continuing! It was one of those beautiful moments in gaming where less was absolutely more because what I saw in my mind was kind of horrific, haha. And it created this wonderful layer of seriousness that slapped me round the face. Cos prior to that moment, I was coasting along, merrily enjoying being messed with, taking it pretty casually, and then that happened and I was like... woah o.o I do love it when things surprise me like that :D 

Anyways, thank you for making it! Now I just have to hope that my brain will allow me to play the rest of your stuff at some point! :3 Probably gonna have a proper break in October to play Spooktober games, but if I finish all of those, gonna dive right into the rest of my backlog, haha.


Hello. Are you planning on editing this to include more gender diverse dialogue? I'm a trans man and I don't feel comfortable being called "miss" or a girl. It's fine if not, as I of course can ignore the game and continue on with my life. This game was very well made, congratulations to the team!


Hi! First off, thank you for the kind words about the game, it makes me and the team very happy to hear! :) <3

Your question is a great and valid one! :) The reason why The Guide calls you that is that he doesn’t care about how the player character views themself, which is part of his not-very-pleasant personality (this is also why he asks you your name and then proceeds to ignore it), so it’s all kind of a way of getting his personality across. In the various choices you as a player can make when he addresses you, you can choose answers like “But-“ to attempt to combat that, although it is ultimately fruitless (by design).

I definitely could have included options for the player to answer The Guide in a more clear manner about the subject matter of gender identity and it’s something I’ll look into adding for an upcoming update, so thanks for bringing it up! I really appreciate that. :)

But in terms of what The Guide himself says, that won’t change unfortunately.

Thank you for reaching out and for giving the game a chance at any rate (especially considering that you felt uncomfortable to a degree for which I apologize), and for sharing your viewpoint. <3 Have an awesome day. :)


welp even though im a trans guy i will accept my new name as being miss pumkin the guide has chose and i love him he is now the love of my life

LMAO this just made me laugh out loud irl XD thank you so much for making me smile so wide!! I’m very happy you enjoyed the game and The Guide that much! Thank you for playing and for leaving such a wonderful comment :) <3


I really like this game. I think that the voice actor for the guide did a good job at making the guide so super smug. The point and click aspect of the game made it feel more immersive to me. Great job.

Thank you so much! Very happy to hear that you liked it, and thank you also for playing it and putting your gameplay on YouTube. Very appreciated!! :) <3


I haven't finished playing the game yet but oh my god, I'm in love with the Guide. This is my first time playing any of your games BUT OH MY!!! I can just tell it has lots of lore to uncover. It's amazing, I love it. 10/10! I was a little bit sad to find out that Pitstop in Purgatory is $4.99. There's no issue with the price, it's just that I don't usually spend money on However, Pitstop in Purgatory might be one of the first and only games that I'll buy. I just wanna uncover all the lore!! As you can tell, I love lore. Anywho, this game is amazing and I'll now support whatever game you continue to make in the PurgatoryVerse!! <3333

(2 edits) (+1)

AHHH OMG this is such a sweet message ;___; thank you so, so much!! I'm very happy that you're enjoying it enough to dig even deeper like that (and it's always nice to meet other lovers of LORE and as you're correctly guessing that's definitely a big part of The Purgatoryverse! :D).

I hope you'll keep having fun with the games and if you ever want a place to discuss them and their lore with other people who are really into it, you're very welcome to join our Discord too! <3

Thank you again for playing and for leaving this absolutely lovely comment, it makes me and the team very happy! ;_; <3 :D

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