Images From "A Day in the Life" + New Branding! - Weekly Devlog #24

Hi everyone!

I'm in the middle of a writing spree for my NaNoRenO 2022 game, "A Day in the Life", so I'll keep this super short; in fact I'll just hit you with some images. By the way, the devlog for "Meanwhile in Riva" will be "hijacked" for a while, since it makes more sense to write what I'm up to here. Partly because this is my "main base of operations", but also because ADitL is a prequel to MiR, so, you know... continuity and stuff. :)

Alright, check this out!

Character designs for Isola and Bliss in ADitL

MiR players might remember Isola talking about how she used to look before, and this is it. Black hair, no glasses and a few extra pounds. As for Bliss, he's more recognizable, albeit with shorter hair. :)

Carrot Patch Games is killing it with the artwork!

The first screenshot from the game

I tweeted this yesterday and it's already my most liked tweet, like whaaaat. I guess it means people really like the style?! Happy to hear it! :)

Let me know what you think! <3

Bonus, the new logo and icon for Tymedust Games!

Check this awesome stuff out, courtesy of the amazing TotES Studio P. ^^

That's it, folks!

I could probably write more, but I prefer to keep my current flow going. The games come first, after all! :)

Feeling creative and full of awesomeness!

Stay safe, everyone! <3


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